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History and FAQs of Trotter Gym Equipment
founded in 1973 by engineer, Edward Trotter. Trotter
Treadmills were first produced in the early 1970’s in the
basement of Ed Trotter, engineer turned entrepreneur and the
founder of Trotter. A pioneer in producing treadmills that were
motorized, the earliest designs monitored speed with an
analog speedometer. There was no elevation.   Much of the
early manufacturing process was a tribute to creativity. A
muffler bender (pipe bending machine) was used to bend
hand rails. Trotter made its own dies because muffler pipes
were larger than hand rails. The rails were hung on racks
during each phase of the bending process.  Ed Trotter sold the
business to UM Holdings Ltd (then United Medical
Corporation) in 1983.  Although primarily a manufacturer of
treadmills, somewhere around 1992 Trotter entered strength
training with the acquisition of
Pyramid (a small strength
company near Pittsburgh) shortly before it merged with Cybex.
The merger of Trotter with Cybex combined best-in-class
treadmills with the acknowledged leader in strength
equipment. Trotter was owned by UM Holdings, Ltd. at the time
of the merger and, in the merger transaction, UM obtained
51% interest in the publicly traded company. Because the new
company was not large enough to support two brands, UM
elected to retain the Cybex name since the Cybex brand had
better industry awareness.
Atlantis Fitness equipment is still being produced today as of 2017 and they are one of the best manufacturers for true body building
equipment.  They will rival hammer strength in the plate loaded line and the selectorized circuit they offer is very well built and true to
the movements.
body masters cxp incline chest press
body masters cxp lat pulldown
Atlantis free weight benches

Atlantis selectorized circuit

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Trotter quality testing in the mid 1980s, was done by "Big Foot." The
machine, complete with sneakers, ran 24 hours/day, 7 days/week to
test the durability Trotter Treadmills were known for.
Trotter's Treadmill Tester: BIG FOOT
Pyramid fitness equipment